Top 5 Advanced Robot 2020

Top 5 Advanced Robot 2020
Table of contents
  1. Robostics Avatar (T-HR3)
  2. Robostics Ambassador
  3. Delivery Robot
  4. Robotic Bartender
  5. Robostic Actor

Robot is a bionic person that comes in different shapes and sizes. It can be used for space tours, research, education, entertainment and custodians. In this article we will be looking at the top 5 advanced Robot.

Robostics Avatar (T-HR3)

This is humanoid that imitate the movement of its controller. This works like a real globe avatar, it walks more naturally. It is said that in future T-HR3 will be able to perform operations alone without the doctors aid, what the doctor has to do is just to control the android. This T-HR3 can help as caregivers by giving patient drugs and food just by using their remote control to control them.

Robostics Ambassador

This looks exactly like human being it has faced you can recognize. This robot is well known as Sophia. It's developed by Hong Kong. Sophia is taught by human so it can move, talk, sing and also design images. Sophia can help in different ways. You can make Sophia your best friend because of its value.

Delivery Robot

This is an Android Robert that interrelate with customers and delivers goods. This robot is loaded with detectors, it can navigate. It can walk with one foot, this Android will ride in a driverless car to deliver goods to the customers.

Robotic Bartender

This Android works as a waiter, it is developed in Spain by Macco Robostic. This Robert has head like a human being, it also has arms in a stall. This robotic is called kime. Kime is well known for its ability to perform its job wonderfully well. It can serve 300 glasses of drinks to people per hour. Kim uses learning machine to improve on its skills.

Robostic Actor

It is found in U.K. company that produced any entertainment. The founder name is Director Will Jackson. This Android is well known as Robothespain. This can sing, greet because it has movement tracks, animation software, touch-screen control and sound. It can entertain people.

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