What are the fundamental points that characterise a good clinical research site ?

Clinical research is the ideal way in which new life-saving drugs and treatments are innovated today. Before being brought to market, these innovations must first undergo several rigorous trials in research sites (hospitals, clinics and academic institutions). To ensure the authenticity of these trials, it is important that they are carried out at reputable sites. The following are some of the key points that characterise a reputable clinical research site. 

An experienced principal investigator

The principal investigator is a specialist in clinical trials. The principal investigator has a thorough understanding of the functioning of clinical research sites and the various indications. This makes him the specialist par excellence who can guarantee the effectiveness of clinical trials.  An experienced principal investigator has a good relationship with his patients. They are therefore in a better position to convince patients of the efficacy of the trials and the potential of the drugs. He or she can advise and guide patients on which drugs are appropriate for them. 

Having a clinical research coordinator

Like the principal investigator, the clinical research coordinator is also a clinical trial specialist. The special feature here is that the clinical research coordinator has already been involved in several trials and has a thorough understanding of the industry. As a proactive person, he or she is fully capable of coordinating the organisation of the trials without forgetting any details. All clinical trials must necessarily go through the clinical research coordinator.

A patient contact base

Having a good patient contact base becomes an essential point contributing to the improvement of the reputation of a clinical research site. Much better, it will be more beneficial if the base is well diversified (ethnicity, age, gender, geographical location, etc.). To increase the contact base, you can strengthen the relationship with patients in the community where the site resides. You can make visits to local health centres or participate in community health fairs. 

Have sound finances

A clinical research site must be able to have a solid financial state. In fact, this allows it to have full control over payments to suppliers and patient allocation expenses. However, it would be wiser to keep a cash reserve, which allows sites to meet expenses related to unforeseen financial transactions.