On what criteria to choose a charger for PC ?

When your laptop charger stops working, it needs to be replaced. But, faced with a growing offer on the market, non-connoisseurs can quickly get lost. If this is the case, you probably want help. Discover, in this article, the different parameters to take into consideration to choose the right charger for your PC. In general, you have to consider the power and the connector.

The power

The power indicates the maximum energy that the charger can send to the computer. As with all PCs, the power of a 
adapter for alienware 13 laptop is expressed in Watts. The ideal is to replace your old charger with a new charger of the same power. However, some users claim that it is possible to use a new charger with more power than the old charger. 

You can then buy a 90 W charger to replace a 45 or 65 W charger. Generally speaking, this is not a problem if the voltage remains the same or the difference is minimal. Be careful though, you cannot use a charger with a lower power. The charger, being constantly stressed on its maximum capacity, can quickly break down. When you perform an operation requiring a high load such as video editing or 3D games, the computer may drop out due to lack of power.

The connector

There are several kinds of charger connectors. You must choose the tip compatible with your PC. The difference lies above all in the size of the mouthpiece. You will find on the material, an inscription corresponding to 5.5-1.7. This means that the outside diameter is 5.5 mm and the inside diameter is 1.7 mm. Either way, it should be noted that tip sizes are often brand specific. 

That's why it's always a good idea to choose a charger from the same brand as your PC. Thus, you have to replace an Alienware PC charger with an Alienware charger. You can check the measurements of the tips yourself with a ruler. The difference is tolerable between 1 and 2 mm. Beyond this figure, you must be wary of the compatibility between the charger and the PC.