All about Adrian Cheng

The advances observed in the scientific, technological, ecological and health fields have been possible thanks to the hard work and investments of several public figures such as: Adrian Cheng, a great actor of development. So, what can we know about Adrian Cheng? Reading this article will inform you.

Life and origin of Adrian Cheng

Adrian Cheng is a young Hong Kong revolutionary billionaire born in November 1979. The eldest child in his family, adrian Chengg is the heir chosen by his grandfather before his death. Behind him are several younger siblings including Sonia Cheng, his younger sister who has become a real businesswoman. Adrian Cheng soon became rich and a billionaire because of the inheritance left by his grandparents. He quickly made a name for himself nationally and internationally and initiated and led several development projects. Adrian Cheng studied in East Asia at Harvard University where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree. He later continued his graduate studies in Japanese culture by moving to Japan for a while. He married a beautiful woman and decided after his graduate studies, to return home to run the family business in which, he became an executive director.

Projects and achievements of Adrian Cheng

Becoming the executive director of his parents' company, Adrian Cheng developed several sustainability projects and successfully implemented more than half of them. To achieve this, he was wise enough to ally with other companies in his industry and managed to hold decision-making and authority positions such as: executive director of general assembly, corporate vice president, etc. During his professional career, he founded his first brand K11, which was an unprecedented success. He became the most powerful collector in the world and was ranked 12th in the ranking of the most influential public figures in the art world. He later founded the K11 Art Foundation, directed the Victoria Dockside Project, etc. Adrian Cheng is today a great actor of sustainable development who had to realize several projects for his country in particular and for the world in general.