4 exercises to build muscle without equipment at home

Do you want to build muscle at home? Did you know that you can build good muscles without going to a gym? Well, you can do it if you know some tricks. This article presents 4 exercises to build muscle without equipment.

Front Slits

Lunges are exercises that are almost similar to squats. This exercise is very effective for toning your buttocks and thighs. To do this, stay upright with your legs apart, hands at waist level. Now, you have to take a step in front and after that bend in order to have an angle of 90 ° at the knee. Finally, keep the legs in a position parallel to the floor and lean on them to stand up again. Please repeat this tutorial on the second leg repeatedly.

Do the Squat Exercises

Squat exercises are very beneficial. In addition to developing your lower back and abs, they strengthen your glutes and quads. Certainly you are asking, how you can succeed in this exercise. First, stand with your legs apart near your shoulders and place your arms over your body. Flex your legs in a sign that you think you want to sit down. Now, make the effort to bring your pelvis back behind, and go down to the bottom. Finally, stand up on your heels.

Do the push-ups

The push-up exercise is known to many people. But there are many who do not know how to do it right. Push-ups are exercises that help build the upper body and more specifically the pectorals. They exist in several varieties like explosive pumps, inclined pumps. The key to successful push-ups is to hold your arms out, feet outstretched, and pumps.

Chair Exercise

Chair exercise is also a core exercise that develops the quadriceps and thighs. You don't need any equipment. Choose a wall in your house. Then, lean against the wall in a very straight way and to have a right angle lower your legs. Look ahead and work your abs. Give yourself a certain amount of time to pass the exercise.